Welcome to Epping Beauty Clinic

EBC Laser and Skin Clinic is a leading aesthetic clinic with very innovative skin solutions, lead by Dr. Rovshan Izamov who has over 12 years of experience specialising in the field of aesthetic medicine and clinical dermatology. EBC Laser and Skin Clinic offers a wide range of very advanced laser hair removal treatments, skin concerns and anti-ageing treatments, none- surgical facial lifts treatments, hair loss treatments, and advanced body contouring laser treatments.

Based in the heart of Epping Essex, we provide cutting-edge head to toe anti-aging, laser and skin care treatments, and aesthetics for men and women of all ages and of all skin types. We encourage and inspire people to embrace skincare that works for them whatever their concerns maybe. If you need help in addressing your hair loss, skin concerns, weight concerns, getting rid of unwanted hair we are to hands on to assist, advice and to deliver the treatments and skin care programmes of your choice.

Hundreds of people have already been treated by Dr.Izamov, and hundreds are still clients and continue to be treated by him and are very happy and satisfied with his professionalism and his advance level of knowledge of Botulin Toxin (Botox), Dermal Fillers, Carboxytherapy, Facial Thread lifts, Profihilo and various other non-surgical anti-aging processes.

Dr. Izamov is no stranger to perfection. He is well known with his obsession to deliver perfection to every client in his care and his attention to detail has proven to be very crucial in career. No wonder why he was Nominated for Best Doctor of The Year – Cosmetic News Awards 2013! Feel free to google Dr. Rovshan Izamov.

Why Choose Epping Beauty Clinic?

Our Professional Team
Our team is very professional and friendly and are our greatest asset. Very Highly qualified and trained, our team is very discreet, approachable and can assure a very personalised service to each client. Our team’s relationship and interaction begin with client’s first consultation. We ensure that you are comfortable and feel comfortable with our expert doctors, aestheticians, nurses, practitioners where you can discuss in confidentiality your concerns, and outcomes you would like to achieve. You can also meet with our accounts departments to discuss your budget.

Treatments and programmes are tailored to meet your individual needs. Your plans and choice of treatments are reviewed continuously making sure you are happy with the results you want to achieve.

Professional and Confidence
With the experience, expertise and professionalism our team has…we are very confident in the very high quality of services that our skincare treatments, products, and very state-of-the-art Laser machines deliver. Our team are highly trained, have undergone very extensive training, and are always continuing to train to a very high standard. Therefore, clients can see the results and have confidence in the services we deliver.

Amazing Outcomes
Clients can see and feel the mazing results we deliver. We are passionate and proud of the cutting-edge treatments and services we provide, and we pride ourselves in the quality of our team, our laser and skin care treatments and products. Our doctors and their expertise in their anti-aging and aesthetics treatments deliver innovative skin solutions that give amazing results!

Responsibility and Ethics
Integrity – Our Team at EBC Laser and Skin Clinic will be very honest with you from day one in your consultation. We will only give you honest advice regarding treatments and products that will work for you whatever your concerns are. Should you have any doubts you can always have a second opinion with our doctors or elsewhere as all our products and treatments are medically approved and authorised by Dr. Rovshan Izamov who is a fully GMC registered medical doctor in aesthetic medicine and clinical dermatology.

What would you like to know in your consultation? Want to know more?